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Saturday, December 10, 2005

On the Hunt for a Chess Club

Thoughts from the Beast Mom : Little Tidbits: "
December 10
Little Tidbits

Claire has a shirt that says “Cutie” on the front in rhinestones. Bryant has decided it says, “Cootie” and keeps tormenting Claire by saying that she has a “cootie” on her shirt. This makes Claire very mad.

Bryant is learning how to play chess. His friend from church taught him how to play chess last week. Bryant asked if he could join a chess club just like his friend. I told him he could inquire at the school office to see if his school has a club. I asked his grandparents if they’d bring the chess set from their house when they come at Christmas. It would be fun to see him play with my dad. "

A chess club! Almost makes me wish I was a sprout again if I could have been in a chess club.

Maybe there are chess clubs for adults. In my small town, I'd be surprised to find one.

Meanwhile some guy is whupping my butt in an online game.

I would like to see a kid play chess with an adult. I never played with my dad. Jigsaw puzzles challenged him so much, he took an age to put in a single piece. Chess would have taken months!


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