Chess Cat

Can an impulsive and forgetful baby boomer learn to think logically by playing chess? Will every game end in a sickening blood bath or will I eventually triumph? We'll just see, won't we.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Back to Square One Visualizing

Remember my great plan to practice visualizing the first four moves of a game of chess? For fifteen minutes? It went bust within seconds. Why?

Because I don't even have the opening set up memorized yet. D'oh!

Excuse me while I tighten a few head screws. Will report back on how long it takes to visualize the board and pieces BEFORE anyone moves.

I'll visualize an entire game in my head about the twelfth of never at this rate. Ha!

Chess in deepest Africa!

Per Africam ad astra: Sinterklaas, salary arrears and a rape kit

It's evening as I am writing this, the kids have just been put to bed. We put them through the full Dutch Sinterklaas routine last night, having them put their shoes outside on the terrace, make them sing 'Sinterklaas kapoentje' , add some fodder for Sinterklaas horse etcetera. The guards looked rather amused... In the morning M., T. and R. woke up excited to find real Dutch chocolate Sinterklazen and chocolate euro coins in their shoes (found here in Bangui, in a Lebanese shop! With the logistical problems they have here, one can't help but admire these people; of course they made us pay through the nose for the stuff). Furthermore they all three had books (Harry Potter volume 5 for M., we're all hooked on it), clothes and some further small stuff. A. and I had treated ourselves to a beautiful hand carved chess set. A good occasion to get M. back on chess too, which he had started at his school in Brussels. I'll first have to relearn it myself though.

Interesting. People from Brussels, living in Africa where tensions and malaria must be wrestled with and what do they give themselves for Christmas? A beautiful hand carved chess set no one knows how to play at the moment.

Chess is everywhere!